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Anonymous asked: LOVE your page!!! Could you do a casual Elsa and Anna?

Thank you SO much for saying that, I really really appreciate it!! I just posted casual outfits for Elsa and Anna yesterday, hope you like them ;) Thanks again and have a magical day!!

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Anonymous asked: Love your posts! Me and my friend are going to Disneyland and we're wondering if you could do a casual Elsa and Anna?! Thank you!

Hi there! Thank you so much for saying you enjoy my outfits, I really appreciate it. I just posted outfits for Anna and Elsa, I hope you like them :)

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Anonymous asked: how about more princesses clothes with pants please and i LOVE Disney!

Hello there!! I’m so glad to hear you are a Disney lover like me, YAI!!! Sorry it took me so long, but I’m finally posting some princesses outfits with pants. I’ve already posted a few already and will be posting a couple more tonight, hope you like them!